Friday, April 1, 2011

Sad Brows to Happy Brows :)

Hello, This is my beautiful roommate Jamie!
She is sad about her eyebrows :(
Sooooooooo we had an.........
Jamie's favorite show...haha
Anxiously awaiting her new brows!  You can already see the difference between the left and right side.
DONE!  The brand new polished brow Jamie.  Happy Brows :)
Tools & Products used:
Clinique- tweezers
Noxzema- Eyebrow Shapers (razor) FAVORITE
Eyebrow scissors
MAC- Mystery (to fill brows in)

WOW.....What a difference eyebrows can make!  Well groomed eyebrows can transform a face. They are the frame of our eyes and they have the power to change your whole look.  A lot a people overlook the eyebrows and I must say that's a  NO, NO!  In additional to nicely groomed brows, you must also fill them in to highlight and define the shape.  In all the years I've been doing makeup I have never seen perfect eyebrows that didn't need a little brow filler.  So pullout your pencils and powders and DEFINE those brows!

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