Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orange Flip

Hello, my name is dear in headlights.....
Haha....I never realized how hard it is to take a self-portrait.  Smile, don't smile, look @ the camera, don't look @ the camera, serious, goofy, etc.  Eeeekkkkk.......I prefer to be behind the camera!

Products used:

I think this is a great look for the day if your wanting to wear a POP of color
without looking too overdone.

Things to remember:
Keep eyes simple- subtle shimmer or mattes work best
Great if paired with bronze cheeks
Finishing powder (MUFE HD powder) blotted on top of lipstick can mute the color and make it last longer
Have FUN and OWN your new look :)

Revlon- Orange Flip with MUFE HD powder over it (It makes it more orange and matte)

1 comment:

  1. love the lip color, love the lashes! adding you to my reading list :)





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