Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The power of bright lipstick

Bright lipstick has a very nostalgic place in my heart.  It has the ability to brighten you up, give you confidence and improve your mood.  And if it doesn't do any of that for you it will definitely get you noticed, a great conversation starter! The recent trend in bright lipstick can be seen all over the runways and red carpets.  Lets take a took:


I got my LOVE for bright lipstick from Mimi.  She was an amazing confident woman that commanded power, exuded elegance and lit up any room she walked in.  It's crazy to think that what I thought was "grandma lipstick" is now something young, hip and trendy.  That is one great thing about never goes out of style!

Revlon- Orange Flip
This is one of many tubes of lipsticks that I saved.  I can remember riding around in her cream Cadillac and pretending I was her personal assistant rummaging through her purse to find tic-tacs and choosing which amazing shade of bright lipstick would match her outfit the best! Ahhhhh the memories :)

This shade from Revlon, Orange Flip, is still available and is making a come back!
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere sporting the fabulous Revlon shade, Orange Flip.
I went out last week to my neighborhood Walgreens and swiped up a tube of this fabulous lipstick.  Stay tuned for a look that I'm putting together.

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